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Album review: Romance by Kohla

Kohla’s Romance is a captivating seven-track journey that seamlessly slips between gentle caresses and more assertive nudges, ensuring listeners remain engaged. This album is not just a tribute to the starry-eyed romantics, but a universal ode to love’s multifaceted nature. While it pays homage to timeless classics, it’s the contemporary nuances that elevate its allure.

Sweetest Love’ is delicate, with its poignant melodies dancing over a soft piano backdrop. In contrast, ‘Heavenly’ showcases Kohla’s vocal prowess, offering a musical-style feel, while ‘Bedroom’s’ catchy rhythm invokes nostalgic memories of early 2000s pop culture.While some might yearn for a lengthier record, the allure of Romance lies in its ability to leave listeners eagerly awaiting more, which is never a bad thing. So whether you’re with a loved one or by yourself, immerse yourself in Kohla’s world and let Romance wash over you.

Romance is out on 8th September. Listen here.

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