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Bill Ryder Jones – Iechyd Da (album review)

The media has painted Bill Ryder-Jones as a troubled artist, but as he told SNACK, he’s a misery arse who loves a laugh. This duality of the man and his music is peppered throughout this stunning record, and if Iecyhd Da isn’t the best album of his career so far, it can only be behind by millimetres.

‘It’s Today Again’ showcases his elevated craft, blending simple yet impactful lyrics, sweeping strings, and a kids’ choir. Emotional moments, like ‘A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart Part 3,’ tug at the heartstrings, while ‘We Don’t Need Them’ echoes The Polyphonic Spree’s fragile strength. ‘If Tomorrow Starts Without Me’ is beautiful and ‘This Can’t Go On’ could be overpowering in the wrong hands, but here it’s damn near perfection.

The album references his earlier work but signifies a rejuvenated songwriter, emboldened by his production work, drawing inspiration and motivation from a broad source of artists.

Tracks like ‘Christinha’ and ‘How Beautiful I Am’ immerse listeners in lines of love, regret, and optimism. Iechyd Da is a musical emotional blanket, offering solace in both good and bad times. Bill Ryder-Jones has delivered everything and more, making this album a must-listen, and it’s easy to see why so many people are already proclaiming it to be the album of the year. It’s in the running.

Iechyd Da was released on 12th January via Domino Recordings

Photo credit: Marieke Macklon

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