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Bin Juice at The Hug & Pint: Live Review

Rarely – very rarely – the stars align with a live show and everything falls into place, the kind of platonic ideal of a gig where the crowd is up for it, the band are firing on all cylinders, and the outside world ceases to exist for an hour or so. Glasgow three-piece Bin Juice are the support for anarchic queer punk act Lambrini Girls who play a riotous set that’s more of a soundtracked moshpit of shared experience than a gig in the traditional ‘playing coherent songs’ sense, but all the better for it. 

Credit: Diana Dumi

Bin Juice are on imperious form though, their Sonic Youth by way of Huggy Bear spiky punkisim is just what the sweaty basement of the Hug & Pint needs tonight. Rattling giddily through a short set of catchy shout-alongs about eating too many ‘special’ cookies, self-care advice from elderly relatives and topical new summer single ‘Sweaty Tits’. Crowd favourite and three-day earworm ‘Hungry For Toes’ is a deliriously silly ode to desperation-inspired cannibalism that makes me glad I didn’t wear sandals, as the punky scratch gives way to a jagged atonal bit of Lee Ranaldo-esque guitar.

Credit: Diana Dumi

It’s a home crowd here which clearly helps the mood, the band have an infectious confidence and an evident love of playing. There are nice bits of back-and-forth with the crowd, interspersing songs with self-deprecating anecdotes. Sharing vocal duties between the three members means they each function as a front person, taking the weight as a group and knowing when to step back and hold the others up. They’re the kind of band that make you want to thrust a guitar into the hands of your closest friends and get up there yourself.

Check out more from Bin Juice here.

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