Kristin Hersh Electric Trio – Summerhall, Edinburgh (April 2022)

Accompanied and supported by firstly Beerjacket and then the hat-loving, dapper, Fred Abong (also in Kristin’s Electric Trio), the intensely grungy Kristin Hersh headlined Edinburgh’s Summerhall for a cosy evening with her fans and tracks from across her back catalogue.

Catching the tail end of Abong’s set, we were indulged with Rob Ahler’s heavy drumming alongside his monotonal vocal. Raw, gritty and unpolished, it was a treat to be reminded of the sound a drum can actually make in the right hands, a brilliant reminding return to live music of this ilk. 

Best known as the front woman of ‘90s US trailblazers Throwing Muses, Kristin Hersh has been notoriously busy on the touring front, whilst also adding to her catalogue of solo LPs. With many Throwing Muses tracks incorporated into her live sets, as well as some from side project, 50FootWave, Hersh consistently gains an audience across generations.

Throwing Muses fans would be over the moon with Kristin’s Electric Trio’s set list tonight, concluding with ‘Shark’ and interspersed with ‘Bo Diddley Bridge’, ‘Maria Laguna’ and ‘Staring into the Sun’. All with Hersh’s guttural delivery, distinguishable riff and those wonderous drums.

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