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EP Review: Charlotte de Witte – Universal Consciousness

Consistency. It’s what you want from an artist in terms of output, but not necessarily their tempo or range of songs. Charlotte de Witte unsurprisingly serves up another thumping beast of a collection with the Universal Consciousness EP, tentatively balancing familiarity and freshness. Rest assured, though, that the quality is never in doubt.

Opener ‘Satori’ recalls the Gregorian chanting of the Return To Nowhere EP, but ‘Kali’ takes the handbrake off. It gallops through you without re- quest or apology, setting a pace that even the title track fails to match.

It’s not for lack of trying, with that and closing track ‘Ahimsa’ leaving you entirely spent by the end.

You know the script with Charlotte: her EPs always feature at least one pulverising track from her live sets and enough energy to drag you off the floor when the weight of the world exerts a heavy pull on you.

Universal Consciousness EP is out now on KNTXT.

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