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EP Review: Dead Pony – War Boys

Some bands struggle to capture their power in the studio, but not here. War Boys brings the Dead Pony live experience to your home, and it’s not wiping its feet when entering.

‘All Dressed Up For Nothing’ pauses for breath amongst the barrage of ruthless lines, vocally and sonically. It’s no ballad, but in relative terms, amidst the high-octane assaults, it’s a change of pace.

On an early release, the phrase ‘Abba meets Ash’ sprang to mind for Dead Pony, which still rings true on War Boys. At six tracks, it’s an exhilarating bundle overflowing with melodies, harmonies, and energy.

War Boys is out now on LAB Records

Read our interview with Dead Pony: snackmag.co.uk/interview-dead-pony-war-boys

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