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EP Review – Seeds II by Protection

"That juxtaposition of light and dark."

Protection’s Seeds II EP marks a distinct departure from the artists’ previous work, serving up a fresh slate that suggests moving forward is the only way to travel. The local duo offer listeners a vibrant sonic journey, deftly intertwining nostalgia with innovative sounds. The opening track, ‘Thirst Shrine’, is catchy and spirited, setting the tone for the inventive and infectious spirit. ‘On Love’ pulsates with energy and longing, featuring sampled vocals from TSHA, and culminates in an intense finale. ‘THX’ is a haunting number, ideal for the chill of autumn evenings, with a synth that exudes a cinematic aura.

‘Something Real’ stands out, with its compelling vocals and urgency, reflecting the chaos and passion of life’s unpredictable moments. The final track, ‘Back There’, initially promises a gentle beginning, only to spiral into a familiar whirlwind of skittish beats. Seeds II is an experimental yet captivating collection, catering to both adventurous nights in and lively outings.

Seeds II is out now via Saint Lucky Records. Available here.

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