Podcast: The Tartan Noir Show

Bloody brilliant Scottish crime writing!

Scottish podcast network, ‘The Big Light’ is set to launch ‘THE TARTAN NOIR SHOW’, a new crime fiction podcast celebrating the gritty world of ‘tartan noir’.

Presented by crime writer and broadcaster Theresa Talbot, this upbeat, gripping and informative podcast, showcases the very best storytelling from our most successful ‘tartan noir’ authors.  Theresa is joined each week by a special guest writer, for a look into the extraordinary world of Scottish crime writing.

Theresa’s first guest is none other than ‘Queen of Crime’, the incredible Val McDermid.  Val and Theresa discuss the very essence of the tartan noir genre, referencing her own favourite crime author William McIlvanney whose seminal novel Laidlaw is often cited as the book that kicked the whole genre off.

Working in collaboration with existing literary festivals Bloody ScotlandAye Write! and other major literary events, The Tartan Noir Show also features exclusive live recordings plus special live event editions of the show.  Upcoming guests and pre-recorded live content includes further world renowned names such as:

The Tartan Noir Show launches Wednesday 1st April, and is available on Apple, Spotify, Acast and other major podcast platforms.

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