Upside Doune: Free Online Festival from Doune the Rabbit Hole

In the absence of their physical festival for 2021, Doune the Rabbit Hole are running a free online event – Upside Doune – Live From The Rabbit Hole.

Running Saturday 14th August from 3pm till 3am, hosted by Jackal Trades (You Call That Radio?), it features special live sets from bands throughout the day and DJ sets into the wee hours.

There will be performances from Mickey 9s, Free Love (DJ Set), Girobabies (Acoustic), The Moods, Iona Fyfe, The Twistettes, Butho the Warrior, John Rush, Flew The Arrow, Mima Merrow, Speak Easy Circus, Willie Dug, Lou Mclean & Rebecca Radical.

Kidding Around Collective will be bringing some extra reasons to look on the upside, with family fun including a ‘Tug O’ Love’, Party Dance Lessons and an Assault Course.

Tune in from 3pm till 3am at

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