Single review: Dead Pony ‘Sharp Tongues’

If you’re going to call a song ‘Sharp Tongues’, you better deliver nasty barbs and insults that cut to the bone. Dead Pony don’t let you down here, as they continue their journey to wider musical awareness.

The intro belongs to a different time and era of new-wave angsty guitars, but the biting attitude is as fresh and relevant today as it has been since the 70s and 80s. Hey, no matter the era, governments are shit and kids are disenfranchised. The song is a powerful volley, assaulting your senses as much as the recipient of the lyrical focus.

Anna Shields grabs all the limelight, with words and threatening delivery, but Dead Pony have done more than enough to warrant your attention; and they won’t waste your time by overstaying their welcome.

‘Sharp Tongues’ is a strong follow-up to ‘Everything Is Easy’, so let’s hope they keep them coming.

‘Sharp Tongues’ is out now

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