Single review: Linzi Clark – The Kitchen

Linzi Clark, one half of Paisley electro-pop duo DRIFT, released her debut single ‘The Kitchen’ on the 14th of May. And, boy, is it a treat.

With its calm, bluesy backing, courtesy of Bovine, backing Clark’s rich, deep vocals, ‘The Kitchen’ is somewhere you want to hang out, grab a glass of water and stay a while. Clark’s vocals, while a departure from what you may expect after her work with DRIFT, are sure to please – their rich texture evokes images of a smoky, velvet-couched room.

‘The Kitchen’ also details a most peculiar sadness: a real hole-in-the-heart yearning kind of sad, with the idea of recognising your own self-worth, and not seeing that being met by those around you. Noticing cracks that have been leaking your love out for a long time.

‘The Kitchen’ is a cracking first look at Linzi Clark’s solo material, and you should definitely keep an eye and an ear out for what’s coming next.

‘The Kitchen’ is out from 14th May

Photo credit: Bovine

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