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The Snuts SWG3, 28th July – Review

It was SUNNY. It was SOLD-OUT. It was THE SNUTS at SWG3.

‘S’appenin’ Glasgow, we’re the f***in Snuts’ bellowed lead singer and guitarist Joe Cochrane as the band took their positions on the stage. Opening with current single ‘Gloria’, the audience was rapt from the first note and it only got better from there. With a staggering and generous 23-song set list, The Snuts made sure the crowd got their money’s worth and more besides. 

Credit: Cameron Brisbane

New song ‘Dreams’ came early on in the evening, almost as a side thought, which I felt was a shame as the track itself is fantastic. After that, it was classic after classic and I think that was the aim, a homecoming of sorts for the people who have supported them from the begining. Highlights included ‘Burn The Empire’ which rang through Galvanisers Yard like a battle cry. ‘Cosmic Electronica’ stoked the fire further with the arrival of Bemz and Psweatpants, and the slower ‘Glasgow’ had even those of us not imbibing from the venom bar feeling moved.

The gig finished behind a smoke machine and a seemingly endless guitar note. Nobody was fooled. Igniting the stage came the familiar ‘People Make Glasgow’ slogan and above ‘Refugees Welcome’ to huge applause, then Cochrane taking the mic again ‘this shit never really feels real’. There was an ambience here, a connection between band and crowd firmly in place. Fanning this flame, we were given ‘No Place I’d Rather Go, The Snuts’ ode to friendship. Things slowed down for a stunning rendition of ‘Somebody Loves You’ and the night ended with ‘Fatboy Slim’.

Credit: Cameron Brisbane

I arrived at this gig knowing maybe three songs by The Snuts and I left owning both albums. They are Brit-Pop reborn for a new generation, nostalgic for those of us around the first time and I’ve no doubt they will leave their mark for Scots still practising in garages.

The Snuts on YouTube

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