Single Review: MALKA – Reach Out

The light will always follow the dark.

If you cannot get on board with a song featuring this lyric right now, you don’t believe in the power of music, and you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Now that we’re left with the aficionados, there’s a lot to like about ‘Reach Out’ by MALKA. It’s a light electro-pop number, but it’s far from slight. It’s instantly familiar, but not in a jaded way. The gentle introduction soon gives way to lapping waves of synth. The chorus doesn’t quite break into a crescendo, but it’s pleasing, and sure to burrow itself in the back of your mind.

If ‘Reach Out’ is an indicator of what is to come next from MALKA, it’s well worth following from this point. The artist states things can only get better from here, but let’s not tempt fate. Not when you think about what happened with D:Ream.

‘Reach Out’ was released on 26th January via Tantrum Records

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