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SNACK Bits Briefly – August

Eagle-eyed readers know that Bits will be missing from the August issue of SNACK, but given it’s the best bit of the magazine for a number of our readers (yes, 0 is a number, it’s an integer), we couldn’t let it lie fallow. This is why we’re popping back with Bits Briefly, which is the snappy title for a section that probably won’t overstay its welcome.

And what better way to start off with than the debut EP from signalweak_, Death Rehearsal, out now! Featuring a couple of members of Wozniak, if you knew and liked (heck, loved) that band, you’ll enjoy this EP. It’s lovingly ethereal, wrapping its glacial arms around everyone who needs cooling comfort this summer. ‘A Swallows Nest’ alone feels as though it’s a full-length release given its range, with the final 90 seconds expressing more hope than this guy hitting F5 on the transfer rumours page. 

Also, don’t take ‘Bad Noise’ at face value, its imposing, with the EP packing a powerful punch while simultaneously not leaving a footprint in the ground, such is the mix of sparseness and intense play.

‘Thirst Shrine’ sees Protection serve up more glitchy and choppy electronica with disconnected yet warming vocals. With the SEEDS II EP due for September, this under-the-radar duo might garner some more attention before the year is out.

Another favourite of ours who has a major release in September is Kohla, whose Romance album is due when the leaves turn amber and gold. For now though, she drops ‘One And Only’ imminently, and it’s a swaying soulful smash with a lot of heart. For those who admired the elegance of Lana Del Rey at Glastonbury, indulge in this, safe in the knowledge no one is cutting it off before the climax.

As is our tradition because we run out of steam long before the new music stops, here’s a quick run-through of new and recent-ish songs. Alexander Romance maintains a relentless pace with ‘Top Down’, packed full of barbs, cussing and a slight electro edge which buzzes by with harmful intent. High Fade bring plenty of funk, bass runs and that early 90s sass on ‘Burnt Toast & Coffee’. On the opposite scale of emotions is Liv Dawn whose ‘I Love You’ is a musical embodiment of its title. The lilting melodies mesh well with strings and the occasional spiking burst.

As we don’t get paid by the word, there’s no reason to pad this out, see you next week. Probably.

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