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SNACK Recommends: Glasgow Film Lab at The Alchemy Experiment (Through the Olive Trees)

Where: The Alchemy Experiment, Byres Road, Glasgow

When: 1st March 

The Glasgow Film Lab is dabbling in Alchemy this Wednesday, 1st March. You might be disappointed that they won’t be turning the cafe’s vegan brownies into film. However, the disappointment won’t last long when you discover that they’ll be hosting a free screening of Through the Olive Trees (1994). 

Through the Olive Trees is a 1994 Iranian drama written, produced, edited and directed by Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. The final part of Kiarostami’s Koker trilogy, the plot, set in earthquake-ravaged Northern Iran.

Hossein Rezai plays a local stonemason-turned-actor. Outside the set of a film in which he is acting, he makes a marriage proposal to his leading lady, a student named Tahereh, who was orphaned by an earthquake. Because he is poor and illiterate, the girl’s family finds his offer insulting; the girl avoids him as a result. She continues evading him even when they are filming, as she seems to have trouble grasping the difference between her role in the film and her real-life self.

It’s BYOB (fiver corkage) and BYOP (bring your own pillow, duh. No corkage for that one, also duh), so you really are getting spoilt. On a Wednesday night, no less!

Get your tickets here

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