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Gig Review: Edinburgh International Festival 2022 – Squarepusher@ Leith Theatre, 13th August

After a five-year hiatus from Squarepusher and playing a range of festivals this summer including Primavera Sound and bluedot, Tom Jenkinson stopped at Leith Theatre to feature on the contemporary music bill for the International Festival.

With new music out – 2020 album, Be Up A Hello features Squarepusher’s signature adrenaline-rush of unique beats and complex rhythms, and was followed up by the Lamental EP a few months later – and with a 25th anniversary acknowledgement of Jenkinson’s debut album, Feed Me Weird Things, originally released on Aphex Twin’s label Rephlex Records, it was high time that he got back into venues to celebrate his work and keep his fans elated.

Genre-defying, fearless, brutalist, Squarepusher is renowned for pushing boundaries, with epic visuals that influences that likes of floating points and others, it’s a privilege to witness Jenkinson appeal to his fans, receptive to the sounds he draws upon from rave culture, techno, jungle, and acid house.

Glasgow’s Tom Scholefield AKA Konx-om-Pax (also the title of a Aleister Crowley book) is brought in as a last minute addition to support Jenkinson with some trippy ambient beats before we engage with the figurative and literal warmth in the room for Squarepusher. An intriguing support, adept and apt.

But it’s Squarepusher who finishes us off. Strobing, visuals, things that abuse a guitar, we witness it all. And as someone not previously well acquainted with his work, I’ve a desire to look back through his extensive catalogue; it would be hard-pushed not to after such a gig.  

Photo Credit: Jess Shurte

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