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Theatre Review: Edinburgh Fringe 2022 – Blood and Gold

Blood and Gold is a rich and cultural story, steeped in ancient mythology, using performative storytelling. Woven into this is an exploration of colonialism and slavery, hence it’s richness. Performed by writer Mara Menzies, Blood and Gold is an impassioned treat.

Adapted from Mara’s book for the stage, with Isla Menzies directing, it’s an intimate performance that highlights the fabrication of society from the stories that we tell, whether they be from Kenya or Scotland. Jeda is a girl, coming-of-age, living in Edinburgh. With a white father and Black mother, she is struggling with identity and isolation, which makes her vulnerable to the ways of the shapeshifting Shadowman (aka all her insecurities).

With the death of Rahami, Jeda’s mother, the Shadowman catches her at a prime moment, whilst she is struggling with grief but her clutch at her mother’s last gift, a box of stories, is the thing that might save her. With this stunningly written tale, performed vibrantly with humour and pathos by the award-winning storyteller, Menzies has really offered Edinburgh a rich gift that opens the door for us all to wander through the themes of identity and belonging. 

 Blood and Gold runs at The Studio, Lyceum Theatre until 28th August 2022 

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