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Single review: Brontës – First Hand Arrogance

There’s breathless energy to this song, in its pace but also in its confidence. For a debut single, Brontës burst out of the blocks with purpose and vigour. Don’t dwell on their youth: it’s a song with swagger, great guitar licks and that underlying drive that has fuelled New Wave, Funk and all manner of nights out that straddle the divide between great and good. The vocals sit well in the mix, but that makes the casual oohs even punchier when they drop. That’s a deft touch that makes for a more significant impact.

It’s not as if a Scottish audience needs a reason to get on the dancefloor for a local act, but here, you’re at least doing it for all the right musical reasons. As initial statements go, there’s a whole lot of intent from this Glasgow band, and let’s hope there is much more to come.

‘First Hand Arrogance’ was released on 22nd
February on LNFG

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