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Single review: DRIFT – Lifeline

When we don’t have discotheques, do we need disco music? That is a matter of personal opinion, but as long as there is kitchen and bedroom dancing, there will be a need for songs like ‘Lifeline’ by DRIFT.

As with so many songs of this style, there’s a coolness to it. The music steps into the background, passively, with a touch of menace. Linzi Clark’s vocals never break into a bellow, but they don’t lack in passion or poise. It isn’t much to start with. But long before the song ends, it picks up in pace and spirit, and you’re right there on the dancefloor. The instrumental passages keep the song ticking over and set up a good payoff when the change kicks in. With the spirit of Hot Chip hanging around, you should find plenty of reasons to add ‘Lifeline’ to any light electronic playlist you have lying around.

‘Lifeline’ is out now.

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