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INTERVIEW: Linzi Clark talks to us about her debut album, All I Have Now

linzi clark

Paisley’s Linzi Clark, of electro-pop duo DRIFT, releases her debut solo album All I Have Now on the 5th of November. It’s a real bittersweet and heartfelt LP, with deep and emotional concepts, all in a singer-songwriter vibe. Think Lucy Dacus meets Stevie Nicks, perhaps.

SNACK caught up with Clark ahead of the album’s release for a chat about bringing the album together during lockdown, and choosing a favourite child.

How did the album come about; what did you want to get from it?

I wanted to have full creative control over it. I wanted to be self-indulgent: this is a thing for me. I was in a bit of a weird rut with this album – I didnt know which route to go down.  I posted a little clip on my Instagram story of one of the songs, and that’s when Bovine, the album’s producer, messaged me to see if there was a recording of it anywhere, rather than [directly] asking if I wanted to collaborate. I said, ‘hey there’s not a recording, but do you want to record a full album for me?’ He got roped into a full year of working on this album, which I feel kind of bad about. 

So how did it work for you, producing an album remotely over lockdown?

Honestly, it worked really well. I think part of why there weren’t any issues with it was that we just seemed to be totally in the same zone with the visions for the songs. We didn’t really need to explicitly communicate too much on what we wanted it to sound like.

All I Have Now releases November 5th.

If you had to say, what genre would you label the album?

I would say it’s traditional songwriting, a sort of folky 70s feel to it, with a bit of a modern twist – without making it sound too cool [laughs]. Sad 70s!

Out of the tracks on this LP, which one’s your favourite?

Oh! This is when I feel pure guilty. I like different ones for different things – but I think the one I always go to is my next single, ‘Moments Gone’. I like how much it just feels like a song for everyone. It is a personal song, but I feel like it has a sort of singalong feel to it. It feels like there should be a crowd. No pressure for people to learn the words [laughs]. But it’s got that feeling of togetherness about it. And I just love the pace of it. I think it’s got the drama, and there are cool chord changes. There’s personal parts for me, but then there’s little tongue-in-cheek parts. I just think it’s a good all-rounder. And every time it comes on I’m like ‘Ooh, yeah! I like it.’ It’s funny because my dad did the backing vocals – it’s so nice to hear his voice on the track.

All I Have Now releases on the 5th of November on streaming platforms.

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